Hi, how are you? I would leave my feedback! The games arrived today 4/29/2013, very well packaged, in perfect condition, i was amazed with the speed or delivery, just 10 days (counted starting from the date of purchase 4/19/2013).
I would like to thank the agility and attentiveness, that has responded to my emails. I confess i was a little unsure with the company, but i realized that this is a serious undertaking, for sure i will make new purchases on the site, and will point out to my friends and family. Congratulations for the great job!

Lucas Souza, São Paulo, Brazil

I would like to let u know that i received my game after to weeks and i am glad with the product!!! this is my first time buying online and i will buy other game soon and i will recomend your website. =)

Erick, El Salvador

I´m very please with your handling and the shipping, the game came yesterday, I visit your store and I love your merchandise, I hope, that soon I buy from you two or three titles, in the mid while I´m gratefull with your service.

Best Regards

- juangrl, Colombia

Hola Ross me gustaria saber como dejarte un feedback en esta paguina, hoy me llegaron los dos juegos que te habia pedido Borderlands 2 (con mi Premiere Club Pass) y God of War Saga, he quedado muy satisfecho con los productos, pero lo que mas me ha sorprendido es que lleguen justo hoy que es mi cumpleaños XP... Si hay manera de dejar un feedback avisame

Herman, Argentina

Hey Ross,

How yar doing? My games just arrived man,Thank you VERY MUCH,

I'm pretty much a customer right now and I really want to keep doing deals with you for the rest of my life, for real xD

This month i'll buy more things with you,

Just wanted to say thanks

Rafael, Brazil

Hi Ross,

I would like to inform that both of my orders have arrived successfully. Is the 3rd time that I bought games with you and in all of them I had no problems.

Thank you so much and congratilations for your work. Be sure I'll make new aquisitions with you!


Gustavo, Brazil

Thanks alot got the item in the mail. I really like how fast your shipping is. you got a great store. will buy from you if I need any more games that I cann't get where I live. thanks alot again.

Kjames, BC Canada

Dear rossgames,

I noticed I didn't even contact you at all during this transaction. It was really comfortable.

However, I wanted to thank you. The item shipped extremely fast (exactly three weeks), the game was in perfect condition, and it was really affordable. I have yet to check if the Steam redeem code works, but in any case, you've already done your part flawlessly.

Thanks again, and I expect to buy many more games from you!


Nuevo Leon, Mexico

I received this product today!

 It came in perfect condition! Good packaging! The plastic helps a lot to protect! Always use this plastic because it makes a difference in protection!
 The product arrived on time! Very good business with you!
 I'm going back to buy more games!
 Thank you and have a great day!
Elvis M
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Hello friend.
I do not speak English very well, sorry.

I bought the your game "L. A. Noire", has arrived.
I want to thank the excellent work, and say I will buy more games.
See ya.
God bless.

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Hi RossGames! i want to thank you for the Heavy Rain game..i want to tell you that you are an EXCELENT seller..i paid for the item in time and you delivered in perfect time! not in time! in perfect time!
I'm tellin' you this 'cause i had i few problems with other sites..so i want to say thank you and you won a new Customer! i'm gonna buy things from you often! so i hope that we make very good purchases!

Thank You a lot!

Adrian from Argentina

My order arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
As always you were very attentive and always answered my questions when necessary.
Thanks again and good weekend.

Best regards
São Paulo - Brazil

I write to inform that i received my product and to say thank you.
I am recommending your site to my friends.
Your services are excelents.
Thank you again!!!

São Paulo - Brasil

Hello friend, I write to inform you that I received my product.
I am very happy to do transactions with you are very serious and professional, i will recommend the site to others and will soon return to buy.

Thanks and regards

Neuquen, Argentina

"Hey man,

Thank you soooooo much!!! This package just arrive yesterday, now i'm waiting for the other one!!!! 

Even so i felt i should send you this email in gratitude for your honesty, this gesture of extreme trust shows to us that in this crazy world we can still believe in people independent of it nationality, race or faith. We are very pleased of making this deal and we hope you still continue doing that so we can still buying from you, in fact we are deciding on the next games to buy, we are going to do that soon.

If you do this, whenever you have new games in your catalog, let me know in this same email. Once again, thank you very much!!!!

I hope you have great deals, and a great week!

Best Regards,

São Paulo, Brazil"

"Salutations, just wanted to inform you I received the game this morning.I would also like to compliment you on your excellent service,you can rest assured that a positive review will follow and as a gesture of good faith I will recommend your business to friends.Also the Coupon is highly appreciated and your generosity will not be in Vain as I will stop by your site on any spare time I find.

Yours Faithfully
Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia"
Hello friend.
I do not speak English very well, sorry.

I bought the your game "L. A. Noire", has arrived.
I want to thank the excellent work, and say I will buy more games.
See ya.
God bless.

Sao Paulo - Brazil